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Piano Marvel: Online Piano Lessons

Learning to play the piano is about confidence, discipline, and emotion. But it can also feel like a daunting task. And the time and effort involved underscore the fact that learning to play piano is not easy. But it's about to get a lot easier.

With Piano Marvel, a new interactive teaching tool, you'll be learning piano literally four to five times faster than other methods. You'll also have a lot more fun to do it.

Piano marvel works through your computer. It's a simple-to-use desktop application that allows you to learn piano through an interactive software experience. It combines the challenging and addictive nature of video games with the real life experience and theory learning you'd receive in a traditional learning environment.

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Why the “Video Game” Generation Needs Piano Marvel

There will never be a suitable substitute of a great piano teacher. But piano teachers are finding, more than ever, that kids lack the attention span necessary to practice sufficiently each week. It seems that our “sound-byte” society is becoming more and more accustomed to quick and entertaining doses of learning and favoring that over traditional (tedious) methods.

With that in mind, it seems appropriate for piano teachers to find tools that capitalize on this trend rather than fighting against it. As children become passionate about piano and more proficient their maturity and discipline will improve. But for those starting out, Piano Marvel can be an excellent shove in the right direction. Since it’s built with the ability to reflect the grace of music notation but coupled with the entertainment value of a typical scrolling video game, Piano Marvel can help to engage young minds and facilitate education. While most piano teachers eschew piano games or piano video games (as they should) Piano Marvel is high-quality educational software (used in universities and public schools in many states) which happens to make-use of the addictive qualities of video games.

Piano Marvel Technical Details

This may be more than what most will want to know about the development of the Piano Marvel software. But I think it does a great job of explaining the innovation that went into the creation of this new piano learning software.
One of the Piano Marvel developers explaining how it was created:

PianoMarvel Technical Video [...]

The Latest Piano Buzz From Twitter

I like to follow anything piano-related on Twitter and it’s amazing to me how often people have been spreading this video around. In the last several weeks it is by far the most talked-about piece of piano news in the Twitterscape. And with good reason. It really is quite beautiful.

Piano Marvel: Piano Lesson Software

It’s alive!
Welcome to my new blog dedicated to promoting the single best solution for piano lesson software. The main thing I hope to accomplish here is to get the word out on how effective online piano lessons can be when you’ve got a good system.
As a beginning piano student myself I’m looking forward to [...]